07.2011 - Current / SharePoint Tecnical Developer
  • Lead design and implementation of the IC Clinical Trial Management Office framework -- including modules for clinical investigator portal, study management, document management, and site feasibility -- on the SharePoint 2010 platform to enable global pharmaceutical, bio-techs, and life sciences companies to accelerate drug and device study timelines.
  • Interfaced with global, Fortune 500 customers and partners to develop technical specifications from user and functional requirements.
  • Designed and built bleeding edge prototypes for proof-of-concept solutions for customers as well as for internal solution development.
(Family Medical Leave)
01.2011 - 07.2011
Details available on request.
Paragon Computer Professionals
10.2009 - 01.2011 / Senior Consultant, SharePoint Lead Developer
Client: Abbott Labs
  • SharePoint Lead on the design team for Abbott's Investigator Portal, an Internet / Intranet, validated clinical portal built on Microsoft's SharePoint platform.
  • Responsible for translating business requirements and use cases into SharePoint design elements as well as client deliverables including detailed design documents, UML diagrams, and wireframes.
  • Interfaced with Abbott IT Leadership and Enterprise Architecture team to convey Paragon's solution design and SharePoint technical capabilities.
  • Performed interviews and technical assessments for project resourcing.
  • Developed custom forms solution for SharePoint which decreased time-to-develop and time-to-deploy for business forms down to a matter of minutes by leveraging Adobe PDF forms created from Word documents and custom logic to surface form data as SharePoint metadata.
Client: Citibank, N.A.
  • Developed a custom project review solution built on SharePoint.
  • Worked with stakeholders to refine requirements.
  • Provided detailed documentation for the solution in addition to user training.
Client: Merck
  • Developed custom InfoPath “publishing” solution to transform InfoPath form data into Word documents using a user configurable template.
  • Designed and developed custom, metadata driven protocol initiation module for SharePoint 2010 enabling dynamic generation of protocol documents using OpenXML, Word templates, user provided metadata, and a rules engine leveraging externalized rules.
  • Designed and developed prototype for protocol authoring using VSTO and WPF to build rich UIs integrated with the Word authoring environment and SharePoint for storage and retrieval of standard text items.
  • Support implementation of the Merck protocol authoring prototype initiative in various capacities including development of customizations and providing technical platform knowledge
Sales Support
  • Worked with the sales team in various capacities including building prototypes for clients, providing technical expertise for proposal responses, and building technical demos for trade shows.
  • Clients included Merck, GSK, sanofi-aventis, Cephalon, and Bank of America
CSC « First Consulting Group (FCG) « Zorch Software
03.2006 - 10.2009 / Product Developer, Senior Professional
Client: UpToDate
  • As a Senior Consultant, provided technical leadership, guidance, and mentoring for Associate and Staff Consultants on project site.
  • Helped bring project schedule back on track by solving many show-stopping technical hurdles and design issues in Office client programming.
  • Wrote AJAX-enabled SharePoint integrated administrative utility to manage corrupted Word 2007 documents by allowing administrators to open, edit, and save a document's raw Open XML content via a web UI.
  • Wrote custom, multi-threaded extractor/importer for moving content and metadata across SharePoint environments.
  • Prototyped and implemented solutions for several challenging issues in programming for Office clients and SharePoint.
  • Provided guidance and best practices for developing and deploying custom solutions on the SharePoint and Office platform.
  • Participated in code reviews and guided development and architectural best practices for coding, unit testing, and refactoring code.
Product Development: FirstPoint
  • Technical lead for Office client and SharePoint development activities for FirstPoint, an Enterprise Content Management solution built around the Microsoft Office solutions stack (Word, Excel, Project, and SharePoint 2007).
  • Team lead responsible for standardization of internal patterns and practices including developer driven unit testing, consistent error handling patterns, standardized data access patterns (built on Enterprise Library), and logging.
  • Designed and developed the FirstPoint Microsoft Office add-in using the Smart Client Software Factory.
  • Designed and developed AJAX-enabled frontends (web parts and application layout pages) integrated with SharePoint and deployed via solution packages.
  • Designed and implemented a custom workflow engine prior to the release of WF for task routing and notifications based on Microsoft Project 2003 project plans.
  • Designed and implemented custom Windows Workflow and Windows Communication Foundation runtime hosting services (Windows Services).
  • Authored specification and architectural documents for development partners.
  • Evaluated SharePoint 2007 from Beta 2 and was responsible for designing the overall solution implementation and deployment patterns and practices.
  • Installed and managed software development and collaboration environment including Apache, Trac, and Subversion (over HTTPS).
  • Interfaced with FirstDoc developers to provide SharePoint knowledge for SPX development activities.
International Network Services (INS) « Immedient
01.2005 - 03.2006 / Senior Consultant
Client: Pfizer
  • Interfaced with business stakeholders to gather requirements, design, and implement multi-threaded custom .NET (VB.NET) wizard for performing batch updates to project plans in Microsoft Project Server 2003 using client automation.
  • Documented specifications and created wireframes to present use cases to business users for a custom audit component integrated with Microsoft Project Professional and Server 2003.
  • Wrote custom API to the Microsoft PDS web services to abstract manual creation of XML documents typically required to leverage PDS (VB.NET).
Client: Northrop Grumman
  • Wrote custom, AJAX-enabled, web-based spreadsheet application for resource planning which integrated Microsoft Project Server and SAP data.
  • Created framework for automating the Microsoft Project Professional desktop client using a multi-threaded approach for controlling and monitoring client automation; implementation leveraged Win32 APIs to capture runtime screenshots, trap dialog text content for logging, and perform configurable automated key input (C#).
  • Authored complex stored procedures and Microsoft Reporting Services reports.
  • Created custom, AJAX-enabled query builder to allow business users to generate custom reports using a drag-and-drop web UI (ASP.NET, C#, AJAX.NET).
Client: Telcordia
  • Created a custom, multi-threaded Microsoft Reporting Services deployment utility for automated deployment of hierarchical report packages (C#).
Client: Angelo Gordon (Hedge Fund, Investment Management)
  • Designed and implemented proof-of-concept data transformation and integration system using Microsoft BizTalk Server 2004.
  • Helped guide client through implementation and deployment decisions, including platform and technology choices.
  • Created ETL process to automate importing, normalizing, and aggregating data from multiple clearinghouses.
Butler International
10.2004 - 12.2004 / Consultant
Client: Merrill Lynch
  • Designed and implemented ETL packages to automate loading of data from various data stores (DB2, SQL Server).
  • Designed and implemented Intranet applications and ASP.NET web services (VB.NET) to streamline HR and sales related business processes.
  • Proposed, demonstrated, and utilized WiX for creating installation packages.
Tekmark Global Solutions
07.2004 - 10.2004 / Consultant
Client: Factiva
  • Created library for capturing and sending the contents of web pages in MHTML format in e-mails using a custom SMTP client (C#).
  • Implemented ASP.NET web user interfaces to comply with established web standards including full CSS, XHTML 1.0 transitional, and Section 508 compliance.
  • Designed framework to persist data across postbacks and pages without the use of a backing store (ASP.NET, C#).
Media Whiz
06.2004 - 07.2004 / Lead Developer
  • Created web based data collection forms and applications for managing downloadable resources (ASP, VBScript).
  • Implemented search UI which was designed to consume XML responses from service /content providers (ASP.NET, C#).
  • Analyzed and solved existing reporting and database performance deficiencies by correcting and optimizing SQL queries.
Velankani Information Systems
06.2003 - 05.2004 / Consultant
Client: ITT Industries
  • Built proof-of-concept deployments of various CMS products including Plumtree Portal 5.x (ASP.NET, C#) for IT evaluation.
  • Responsible for database upsizing effort to convert existing Access based data stores to SQL Server 2000 data stores; analyzed schemas, managed conversion errors, and handled post-conversion data validation.
  • Designed and implemented a solution to unify Intranet applications with common look-and feel and integrate system management (ASP, JScript).
  • Rewrote many HR and supply chain management web applications to leverage SQL Server 2000, consolidate codebases, and increase code reuse (ASP, JScript).
05.2001 - Current
Client: ADP
  • Designed and implemented proof-of-concept prototype web-based integrated securities trading user interface utilizing ASP.NET 2.0 and ASP.NET AJAX.
  • Design and implemented custom web-based messaging and notifications GUI.
Client: Various
  • Developed various websites for clients as an independent contractor. Responsibilities included visual/user interface design and development, database design and implementation, writing application code, handling service configuration, and hosting setup. Clients included (not all sites retain the original implementation):
    • ATA CPAs
    • iNetSurvey
    • Starr, Darcy, & Starr, p.c.
    • Sterling Printing